3. Does AiRazor technology work?

Yes - AiRazor has conducted extensive scientific tests in homes, offices, hotels, and schools under a range of conditions, to test the efficiency of our products at removing PM 2.5 particles.

AiRazor devices have also been tested under real haze-smoke conditions in homes and school classrooms in Riau Province, Sumatra.  Our products have also been independently verified by an independent laboratory, and on a cost-unit basis are more effective than many air purifiers found on the market in Singapore today.

The AiRazor filter was  developed at the National University of Singapore, using strict scientific and engineering controls and advanced instrumentation for measuring particles down to 0.3 microns. We also measure the number of airborne bacteria and fungal spores. The filter has also been rated to remove viruses.

The AiRazor filter removes PM2.5 particles in the air passing through it. The filters typically reduce 85-90% of PM2.5 particles from the air in less than 1 hour of operation. Levels of PM2.5 continue to be suppressed for as long as the device is running, with doors and windows closed.