4. What’s so different about the AiRazor system compared to normal air purifiers?

Good indoor air quality is not just about the efficiency of the device in removing PM2.5 at the filter, but more about removing PM2.5 where it matters most, i.e. in the air that you are actually breathing in - hence our logo ‘Breathe Easy’!

AiRazor has designed, selected and engineered its devices to give the best performance possible for PM2.5 and air contaminant reduction, at the best value for money.

We optimize the flow of air to achieve the best balance between air turnover in a room, and contaminant removal. AiRazor products use the power of the device to send as much air through it as possible, in as short a time as possible, to quickly remove and suppress PM2.5 levels.

AiRazor filters also have an active odour-compound removal layer to help suppress the unpleasant ‘burnt’ smell often associated with smoke-haze. Our filters have also been found to be highly effective in removing bacteria and fungal spores. Filter materials have also been independently rated for high removal efficiency of bacteria and viruses.