6. How did AiRazor start?

During the severe haze event in Singapore June 2013, Dr. Obbard was trying his best to protect his young family from smoke inhalation at home, and started inventing. Soon he had his first working prototype.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) called together professors to form the ‘Haze Task Force Group’ in June 2013. Dr Obbard’s ideas were well received, and were hailed as the ‘Obbard System’. He was then awarded some research funds by NUS to develop the system further.

Dr Obbard, got together with Mr Andrew Yap (Managing Director)  and Mr Tan Keng Jin (Director), to establish AiRazor Technologies Pte Ltd. as a spin-off company from NUS.

The AiRazor Research and Development office is on the NUS campus and AiRazor’s main office is in downtown Singapore.