7. What’s so good about AiRazor Technology?

Dr Obbard felt that a lot of people were paying far too much for controlling PM2.5 haze pollution indoors. This is when he had the idea to convert a ventilation fan into an air purifier to clear smoke, PM2.5, odour and microorganisms from indoor air.

Sounds simple? Well, we thought so too, but it has actually been hard work to get the system and engineering dynamics correct for optimum performance.

AiRazor places high priority on achieving the biggest reduction in PM2.5 where it matters most, i.e. in the air we breathe, not just at the outlet of the device.There’s a big difference.

The next time you see an advert for an expensive air purifier claiming 99.97% PM2.5 removal, ask yourself the question “is that removal in the air I actually breathe in, or just at the outlet of the filter?” Chances are that unless you walk around carrying the air purifier with you, then you won’t get a great result.Even if you did, then why pay hundreds of dollars more for an expensive air purifier when an AiRazor device works just as well, if not better?!