8. Are AiRazor products as effective as more expensive air purifiers at PM2.5 removal?

Yes - Scientific tests conducted independently by the Environmental Health Institute in Singapore, as well as SGS International Certification Services have shown that AiRazor devices match, or are are more effective at PM2.5 removal than typical, branded air purifiers.This also means that, on a per unit basis, the cost of PM2.5 removal by AiRazor products is much lower.

AiRazor products have been tested in a variety of environments, under real smoke-haze conditions, including schools, homes, offices and hotels – all with great results for PM2.5 reduction.

In addition, AiRazor filters have shown to be highly effective in removing airborne bacteria and fungal spores in hospital wards and medical clinics in Singapore. The filter materials are also rated for removal of viruses.