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    Final Price: $ 100.00
    All prices include GST

    The AiRazor AR-100 series is powerful yet affordable, designed for the removal of PM2.5, VOCs, odours and airborne aerosols that are typically associated with virus pathogens. Sutable for indoor environments up to 45 sq m.

    1 x floor fan: AR-101 with 18” frame(16” blade)
    1 x Fan Filter: AR-102
    1 x Fan Cover: AR-103 (Available in 6 colours)

    $ 100.00
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    Final Price: $ 246.00
    All prices include GST

    The AiRazor AR-200 series delivers a powerful air flow, and can be quickly converted into an air purifier by inserting the AiRazor filter. The AR-200 has a remote control, a timer, and an oscillation function, and is suited for use in living rooms, bedrooms and small offices (up to 25 square metres).

    1 x Multi-function Fan: AR-201
    1 x Fan Filter: AR-202

    $ 246.00
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    Final Price: $ 70.00
    All prices include GST

    (16" Blade, 18" Frame)

    Convert your ventilation fan into an effective air purifier in a few seconds by fitting an AiRazor Filter AR-102 and Cover AR-103.

    Your ventilation fan must comply with all safety and electrical certification requirements in the country of use.

    $ 70.00
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    Final Price: $ 27.00
    All prices include GST

    The Aira​filter is​ a powerful and effective filter that quickly turns your home air-conditioning unit into a powerful air purifier. Simply attach the filter in seconds to let, clean, pure air fill your room in seconds. Great for children, elderly and allergy-sensitive people. 

    It is designed to remove wet and dry particulate aerosols that can contain germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

    $ 27.00
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    List Price: $ 13.00

    Savings: $3.00

    Final Price: $ 10.00
    All prices include GST

    The Mozzinet is a one step solution that is effective for mosquitoes and flies. It is easy to use and does not contain any chemicals or pesticides.

    When fitted to a fan (16 inch blade size), it is able to protect your family from mosquito borne diseases while allowing the fan to function as per normal. 


    3 Pieces of Mozzinet

    $ 10.00 $ 13.00

    Savings: $3.00