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AiRazor News Bulletin October 2016

World Health Organization 92% of the World’s Population now breathes unhealthy air more

Oct 3, 2016

AiRazor News Bulletin September 2016

Air Pollution Causes 1 in 8 deaths Worldwide:  Traffic Particles found in Brain Tissue more

Sep 16, 2016

AiRazor Mozzinet News Bulletin

Cost Effective, Chemical Free Solution to Mosquitoes and other flying insects. Fight Zika and Dengue with Mozzinet by reducing the risk of m ... more

Sep 5, 2016

AiRazor Newsletter April 2016 (Part 2)

Information on how to choose a suitable air purifier and a suitable mask more

Apr 11, 2016

AiRazor Newsletter April 2016 (Part 1)

Information on PM2.5 and its harmful effects more

Apr 4, 2016